Some men have mothers, some have children, they all have appeal…but so do mocha lattes!  Have you ever ordered the perfect latte, sipped it, loved it, then found something else in the cup?

Men Are Like Mocha Lattes is a humorous beach novel for women, inspired by my own search for Mr. Right in an era where dating relationships have become as disposable as coffee cups. As I used to tell my friends, by the time I had become a lawyer I was an expert in meeting Mr. Wrong, Mr. Maybe and Mr. Unavailable!

A trip to New Zealand taught me that looking at the comical side of dating was a great cure for jealousy pangs whenever a younger woman announced her engagement.  =)

I have a passion for women, and wanted to write a book that would make single women feel good about themselves.  I think of Men Are Like Mocha Lattes as inspiration for us to embrace wherever we happen to be in life.

Written in the spirit of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Muriel’s Wedding, my story follows heroine Lindsay Breyer in her determined quest to meet and marry Mr. Right before she turns 30.

Heartbroken by the announcement of her ex-boyfriend’s engagement, Lindsay decides to leave her soulless job as a lawyer to study at teacher’s college in New Zealand.  As she navigates a new culture on the other side of the world, she meets a cast of comical characters along the way, including a very seductive Mr. Maybe and a jealous ex-wife.

Does Lindsay reach her goal of getting married before 30?  And how exactly are men like mocha lattes, anyway? 

I warmly invite you to meet the characters of Men Are Like Mocha Lattes – I know you’ll recognize aspects of yourself and the men you’ve dated in the pages of the book.

It’s a feel-good novel with a satisfying ending - perfect for a day at the beach, or a cozy Friday night on the couch.

I hope you enjoy it! 

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